Manc & Me

There are five things you should know about Manchester girls if you come across one of us in London.

1. We like to dance to indie music (we eat it for breakfast, dinner and tea). We grew up dancing to the Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Killers and of course The Smiths and Oasis

2. We spent our childhood going to the pub, the park or the cinema. (In that order)

3. We eat chips, cheese and gravy and we drink pints of beer (well some of us do, sorry mum)

4. We tend to over-share with anyone and we will use the word ‘love’ or ‘babe’ in every other sentence

5. Finally, we’re in the big city to make it – it’s where dream are made. (The village girl will change the world)

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Stick It

Sometimes in life you feel breaking the rules and changing what people expect of you. It’s at those exact moments when you impact your future, be that positive or negative.

Today, I start a drama group and make a change to the norm, a positive one I hope!

Here’s praying that the thespians go easy on me, its been a while since I have fluttered my fairy wings.

If all gets a bit much I will fall back on my alter-ego, Emma Watson and recite lines from my favourite character in Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful!”


I’m not excited, but should I be?!

That is a total lie, of course I am!

It has been over three months since I have graced my beautiful home town with my presence and with four sleeps to go – I am itching to go.

Now is the time to escape the city and be the village girl we all secretly know that I am. At least for two days!

I am day-dreaming of run up Holcombe Hill with my baby sister, listening to my mum talk about the weather and her worries about the girls. Not to mention sitting in the garden with my Grandma and telling her all about my adventures.

Most importantly I can’t wait to just be home , sit on the couch and talk so much my Dad has to leave the room just to get some peace and quiet!

I love London more than I ever have but nothing can beat a slice of home-baked pie and time with the ones that you love.

The countdown starts now …





Twenty Five

This time next week I will be twenty five. I will have danced my little (actually size seven) feet off in a sticky Manchester club and be attempting to cook a BBQ for my friends. Gosh, I am not looking forward to that!

Twenty four has been an experience, I have become a girl guide leader, taught underprivileged London kids, joined a running club/bootcamp and started to understand myself a little better. A productive year in many respects. 

Twenty five is all about doing the above and a little more. I love the phrase it’s not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning how to dance in the rain and I insist that I keep dancing … those that know me, know how much I love a good dance.


Edward – Do We Care?


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I have been following the Edward Snowden story and to be honest I am really struggling to see why he decided to leak secret information about his work at the NSA.

Firstly, it was against the secrecy act that he had signed. Secondly, now he is either facing a lengthy time in prison or running from one anti-US country to another.

Although, jumping from Russia to Cuba to Venezuela sounds like quite an adventure. Hmm, maybe that’s why he did it?! An adventure not documented on a personal blog but on the front page of every newspaper in the world. Something to show the grandchildren I suppose.

For me though, it all sounds like rather a lot of effort for very little outcome. Did he want to make a change or was it just to cause embarrassment and fuss? I’m not sure.

In all honesty Edwards secrets did not come as a surprise to me. I assumed that the NSA and other government departments across the world have been monitoring and collecting online information since the first email/mobile phone…

For the everyday person in the street why would the thought of this bother you? You have nothing to hide. Also, the algorithm scanning the billions of emails sent every day does not care about your date last night or what you have planned for tea. What it does care about is terrorist attacks and government secrets. That is what I want it to care about.

So, as an everyday civilian if it has to collect my info to stop another terrorist attack – so be it.

Edward has a point that we should know what was going on but was his plight worth fighting? In my mind no. It has left him fleeing the US with is a hefty sentence opposed on him if he returns and having to hop around the world in hope of finding refuge in a country that will not post him back to the US.

All I can say is, “good luck Edward – just next time you want to leak information do it anonymously.”

edward snowden

Birthday Challenge

Last weekend I set myself a challenge to get back in shape for my birthday – which is little over 2 weeks away!

So far, I have run most mornings and walked to work. To make sure that I stay motivated I have also joined a new running club on the Southbank and a free boot-camp in Hyde Park.

After 7 days I have run 30 + miles, walked for over an hour everyday, got lost in Bermondsey and jumped into a fountain in central London with my running gear on! 

Getting fit has never been more fun, although my lovely running partner Paul may disagree with me…

Tomorrow is Sunday and I am up early for boot-camp, I just hope I can make it through the training?! Day-dreaming of a bacon butty with lots of tomato and brown sauce will have to be my inspiration. That, and the song below, which has to be a tune to the summer.

Daddy’s Little Girl


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Today is Fathers Day and I thought it was only fitting to write a short post on the old man. He is after all, the most important man in my life.

My favourite nostalgic memories/ things I love about him:

1.He showed me that hard work and determination can only lead to success. Giving up is never an option

2.That he took me to the polling station and let me tick the box – if only to influence my voting decisions from an early age

3.When all I wanted was to be on the boys football team he took me to Turf Moor and taught me the offside rule until the crowd got a bit unruly and not ‘young lady friendly’

4.I love that he takes the most amazing pictures. Many an evening I used to sneak into his study to stare at the deer in Richmond Park

5.When I was about seven he taught me the difference between a Ferrari and Maserati – so that I can always impress the boys (although I’m not sure that was his intention!)

6.When he worried about me and the boys back home, he always used the quote ‘if you can’t be good me safe’

7.That he spoon fed me good tunes from day one – Black Sabbath and The Rolling Stones

8.He sparked my love of all things tech and influenced my geeky ways

For all the above and all the other lessons you are still yet to teach me, thank you Dad. Happy Fathers Day.