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After convincing my little sister to write a blog, I found myself amazed at her talent, inspired by her and proud that I knew she was capable of creating such a remarkable work of art. Months of sitting back and enjoying tales of love and fashion was more than enough to inspire me to enter the blogosphere and so, finally here is my blog. Like so many others but yet very dear to me, it will allow me a space to reflect on life in London and escape from the chaos that currently ensues me.

Having moved to London only a short while ago I still feel that I have a lot to learn about this city and a lot more to enjoy. As a country girl from Lancashire I often miss the small things about home, that for a long time I was never even conscious of. Ramsbottom, Lancashire, is very easy to explain, it is a small town where everyone knows each other, the hills are green, the air is clean, the country pubs are northern and Peel tower stands tall at the top of the Holcombe Hill.  A home-grown version of the Hollywood sign in Beverly Hills.

Ramsbottom is a place where time stands still and many outsiders may view as old-fashioned, but to us northern folk it’s as normal as a rainy day. Only now do I reflect on how lucky I am to have grown up and witnessed its beauty from within, privileged to have been allowed in to its heart as I undoubtedly let it into mine.

As I turn the page I will not forget the lessons learnt from home and as I enter the world of PR in London I take with me my small village values to the big city, where I have the opportunity to learn from the industry’s best. I am seven months in and after an exciting week with surprise birthday meals, late night pizza and midnight brain storms I truly am exhausted and in need of some home-baked TLC.

However it’s not long now until I see home but for now as they say, ’embrace the chaos’ and that’s exactly what I intend to do, this is London after all!