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It is still early days but so far I love being a blogger however premature my title. I am enjoying positive feedback from those who care and those who I have required to show a small interest – you know who you are, thank you. I’m not sure where my blog is going to sit in the blogosphere,  but persevere with me whilst I try and figure it out.

Tomorrow will be the first time I have voted in a General Election and I am truly excited. In-between time spent deciphering how to stream the election live to Europe I began to wonder about my vote and the significance of it.

I have always shown a small interest in politics but never really been an expert on the subject. I have had a few crushes in politics, firstly Barack Obama. I was privileged enough to sit absorb the electric atmosphere on Venice Beach LA, two months before his presidency. There was a real air of change throughout the town and from the beach bums to the UCLA students everyone was passionate and excited about politics.

The British election lacks the US glamour and sex appeal but what I will try and remember on 6th May is that even though politics in the UK can feel slightly outdated I still should vote. If only to honour the women that made it possible for me to do so.

Tomorrow, I will remember fondly the days when my Dad took me to the polling station. Him proudly letting me cross out his chosen party and the walk home, me carefully listening to him explain his choice to a ten year old girl that one day looked forward to the day when she too could vote.

I vote this year for change and in anticipation that one day politicians will become more accessible to the majority and that they find a fix this country so desperately needs. I don’t believe it will be in this election or any time soon, possibly when my sisters Sarah-Jayne and Lucy-May vote a home-grown Barack Obama will grace the corridors of Westminster, I can only live in hope. Only then will we have an electric election that will inspire the British public.

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