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Sacrifice – a selfless good deed for others, or a short term loss in return for a greater gain.  

When one of my closest friends asked me to accompany her to a Westlife ‘gig’ I remembered how much boy bands were at the bottom of my list of things, ‘that make me happy’ along with boiled eggs. After a lengthy deliberation I decided to make a sacrifice, very excited at the prospect of seeing old friends, just not so sure about the band. 

The concert was as I expected, lots of screaming women in tight ‘I heart Westlife tee’s and cowboy hats, it felt very alien to me. I am used to sweaty boy bands with numerous piercings and the crowd throwing cups of unidentified liquids. 

Westlife played their greatest hits and glancing to my right I looked at my two friends singing their hearts out, I was very happy to be there with them. 

My friend sacrifices every time we go out together, an indie bar over her  booty – shaking pop club. Now I know how she feels, happy to be with her best friends, never mind the music! 

Thanks Mak. X 

Emily KM and Makayla JS!