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Wimbledon is quintessentially British, it is exactly what I expected, a small haven outside of the chaos that is London and I love it.

I chuckle to think that to the folks back home expect London to be dirty and noisy – and of course it is, but the countryside in the South is bright and sunny. Something that we don’t get much of, back up North!

Wimbledon may not have the West Pennine Moors, Peel tower or its rough beauty but it has something more, Wimbledon Common. The grass is trimmed and there aren’t any sheep, farmers or wild rabbits but the carefully crafted beauty is different – clean and tidy, that’s what makes it special.

I stumbled off the common and into Cannizaro Park the other week and I was amazed at what it had to offer. An old manor house once owned by royalty now a hotel with the stunning grounds open to the public. I walked around the grounds humbled to have been allowed in. I relaxing in the sunshine taking pictures of old shoes and new friends loving the carefully crafted wilderness of Wimbledon.

Shoes, grass and common fun!