I stumbled upon Senza Tempo “Time Less”: Moschino Fall/Winter 2010 Short Film commissioned by Peroni Nastro Azzurro, and I just had to share it. This film intrigued me, an Italian fashion house and an Italian beer company collaborating so very elegantly.

It made me wonder what they are trying to achieve; be that to capture the audiences imagination, create engaging content that will spread online or to appeal to a female audience. They do all of this and more, in a classic Italian way and they get it spot on.

Lager for too long has been aimed at men and I definitely think it’s time for a change. This short film is beautiful, it tells a classic romantic story, features stunning fashion and highlights the passion of Italy in only a way that Gabriele Muccino knows how.

The end result is that they truly are, ‘fatti l’uno per l’altra’. Sit back and enjoy…