I’m sat watching X-factor with a glass of orange juice, half searching the web for a new book to read, half writing this post using my brand new Sony Vaio and loving how ‘Sex in the City’ this feels.

Its been a week in the new house and after an emotional goodbye to the Salisbury’s, followed by a week of unpacking I think its safe to say we are in a pretty much settled, and yes the place is fabulous darling.

I went on a  cheeky spending spree this weekend and I bought my winter staple, a  brand new pair of boots. A good pair of boots can definitely see you through the winter months and as I journey home to the north tomorrow they will keep me snug and happy.

I’m very much looking forward to going home, having not seen the girls in a long time I will be spending time cooking up some treats, running up Holcombe hill and visiting the hare and hounds for a pint or two with some old friends.Nothing short of perfect.

With that in mind I’m off to pack.

See you soon, x

Image of Orinoco Jazz