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For along time I kept getting confused and thinking that the creator of Facebook was called Mark Wahlberg. I have now realised my mistake and understand that Wahlberg is a cute American actor and Zuckerberg is a geeky American entrepreneur. Note to self – don’t get them mixed up in the future.

This month the Facebook film, The Social Network is released. I love a good true story and took some time to research the film and see what its all about. The film has mixed reviews, some think Zuckerberg comes off badly, others don’t want Facebook to be shoved at them from another direction and for me I think its not going to make cinematic history, but will give me some background info on the site.

The film champions all the hard work that went into creating the phenomenom that is Facebook. It looks at the struggles and development and seeks to enlighten people on the face behind the book.

I really don’t mind if the directors throw Justin Timberlake into the film for good luck, for me its great to learn more about the most revolutionary social networking site and  Zuckerberg. (I have a strange obsession for computer geeks!)

Its cool to release these sorts of films once in a while and the best advice I have is don’t pay for it at the cinema, wait for the DVD. Sit back and enjoy the arty film that makes computer programming look sexy.