Valentino – Spring/Summer 2011

With Paris fashion week over its time to reflect upon some of the best fashion. I’m not a fashion guru and I’m not going to pretend I know an awful lot. I spent most of my childhood in jeans and Nikes and only started to wear anything else on my feet regularly about a year ago when I moved to London.

However that aside, I have set myself a task this year to learn more about the fashion industry and maybe writing this post will also help me pick up some fashion tips along the way. I do have a dream of being a modern day Audrey Hepburn!

Browsing through Vogue and looking the collections it is clear that Sarah Burton for McQueen stole the show. Her first collection made use of traditional animal prints, frayed edges and the use of gold embroidery, she gained everyone’s seal of approval.

However my favourite collection was the Valentino’s Ready to Wear Spring/Summer collection, so very feminine. I loved the use of  lace and detailed waist elements to the dresses.

Trends from this collection are –

  1. Gold sandals
  2. Lace princess coats
  3. Black over nude layers

My first fashion post done, now I need to start finding some more affordable fashion to blog about – but where’s the fun in that!