Halloween came and went and I must say it has to be one of the most fun days of the year and a new favorite of mine.

This year one of my friends sisters organised a charity ball and I was amazed at how much  effort went into the party. Everyone had put loads of effort into their costumes, people looked a mixture of dead, slutty and crazy. It was like a scene out of an American movie, oh I loved it.

I had decided weeks ago that a cat was the easiest thing, to dress up as,  with little time to create my masterpiece and only my sisters cat ears and eye liner at my disposal I was done. Little did I know that many of my friends had been on eBay weeks before buying old wedding dresses  from the 1920’s splattering them in blood, hiring incredible hulk costumes and even princess the pony!

Congrats to Izzy for raising over £500 for charity and game on for next year – best dressed prize here I come! 🙂