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OK, so I am the worst for this. I hate not having my hair and make-up done right and I totally never feel comfortable unless I feel I’m looking my best. Girls are renown for it, but guys, well they just don’t get it, or do they.

Recently my boyfriend has been hitting the gym, ‘hard’ as I am sure he would say, but its turned into somewhat of a an obsession and now he is constantly monitoring his muscle growth by the millimeter. In today’s society we forget how not only women but men are also under the same pressures to be ‘model perfect’.

I blame only myself for not  telling him that his body is perfect the way it is, and that having a six pack whilst may make him more visually appealing the constant nagging,  “are my muscles bigger today” is not worth his hassle or worry.

I have to say  from my own learning that however much you may want your boyfriend to look like the guy from the Calvin Klein advert just be happy to admire them from Cosmo, because we all sure as hell know that we would really never want to date one!!

So my word of advice to myself and others is remember that men, like us girls want to look our best. However we mustn’t forget one small but very important word in all of this, Photo-shop, as Dove say its all about real beauty.