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I sadly missed the UK launch of Kinect last week whilst I was in Berlin, but having heard and seen the amazing coverage it was obviously THE product  launch of the year.

I am a HUGE Microsoft fan and I have always had a soft spot for Bill Gates (Microsoft) and XBOX. For me Microsoft is more than a technology company it’s the brand that  gave me Microsoft Office – that I  used to write my first essay using Word, Internet Explorer  – the first browser I used (back-in-the -day of dial up), Hotmail and MSN –  my first email and online chat account, and of course the  XBOX – my first ever consol.

Microsoft has never stopped pushing the technological  boundaries and  continues to work with the best creative minds to produce  amazing products, the Kinect is no exception.The Kinect,  highlights the technological advance Microsoft has over its competitiors, making the Wii look dated and the PlayStation look vintage.

With the Kinect it  allows you to become the controller, there are no wires or controllers. Simply move and you move on sreen, and it works perfectly. It’s a great  party console to play with friends and family, the dance and sports games will let you have hours of fun.  Kinect has to be the  number one buy this Christmas, it’s at the top of my wish list without a doubt.

Microsoft yet again have set the technology standard, hats off to you. It’s out of this world!!