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The first time Jamie Oliver stepped onto the silver screen I feel in love. I remember his enthusiasm for cooking great food and his cheeky attitude, he was PUKA!

That’s along time ago now, the latest cookbook  Jamie has released is – 30 Minute Meals .The new book accompanies the TV series. In each programme of which there are 40 out of the possible 50 in the book,  Jamie cooks a meal not  just one dish in 30 minutes – simples!  Today I tested one of the recipes out – Tuna spaghetti, fennel salad and ganache.

So, the story starts with Lucy my 12 year old youngest sister who  is in a phase of being picky and fussy with food,  her current diet consists of sausage and chips (occasional baked beans), pasta, sausages and tomato ketchup dressing, chicken burger, grapes and flapjack at school.I asked her to pick her favourite 30 minute meal from the book and she chose the one above, although she didn’t like fish but the chocolate pudding swayed her in the end, no mixing and matching was allowed.

I played head chef shouting at mum to chop and add bits to the pan and generally managed the running of the operation – making sure it all came together. It worked nicely, although 30 minutes did turn into 45 and we did change the desert after we forgot the dark chocolate to ice cream – so we were cooking, tuna spaghetti,  garlic bread and salad in 45 minutes a bit of a change.

Lucy, well she ate spaghetti and ketchup (no surprise there) whilst all the other hungry faces around the table gobbled up the freshly cooked spaghetti and yummy sauce .

Note to Jamie – I think the meals may be 30 minutes for you but 1 hour for the rest of us  untrained chefs– i will keep experimenting and learning though. The meals beat microwave dinners and I am happy to spend 45 minutes cooking tea if it tastes great and is alot of fun!

“Lucy will you eat your dinner and stop complaining!”