Yesterday, I blogged about how lovely it is that Kate and Wills are finally tying the knot. The typical male reaction from alot of my friends was the cost of it, and how the tax payer will be stumping up the funds that we don’t have.

However I read a very interesting article in Marketing Week that the engagement and wedding will bring into the UK up to £620 million in revenue, so boys don’t worry get making those mugs and tea towels, let’s make a few bob on the side!

The breakdown of revenue;

  • Engagement-related merchandise  – £12m and £18m
  • Wedding merchandise sales – £26m (in the UK)
  • Food and grocery retailers –  £360m
  • Travel and tourism – £216m

Hopefully we will all get the day off work to celebrate as well! I am very excited for a Royal Wedding, Kate if you’re reading this I’m happy to go the church, not too fussed about the reception, tar love!