It’s the one question that always pop’s into my mind come winter. How to look good when all you want to be is warm and wind chill free!

This season for me it’s all about the  layers. To keep warm during this snowy snap I am opting for layers of clothes not to mention the seasonal extras,  hat, scarf, gloves and the ultimate warm winter coat. So how do I stop looking like  jumble sale and start looking  like a snow queen?

A quick browse through Vogue and Grazia later and I had it, statement coats, long dresses and bare legs.

I’m not sure how that would really work strolling the streets of Wimbledon with the slush – not to mention the looks I would get for not having trousers on . I decided that fashion should remain on the catwalk and not for tackling the snowy weather – well maybe for the office party!

My answer is to define a snow queen as someone who embraces winter and looks warm and toasty, more knits please – its bloody freezing outside.

Girls of the North take note – bare legs  are a  winter fashion accessory, lets just tone it down a bit – more is less after-all!


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