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Summer 2009 was epic, after graduation I moved home like most other graduates and set about filling my time with things like, going to the pub, morning jogging and setting up my local towns website. That took up most of my day, but by night it was a whole other party – Splosion Man.

For those of you who don’t know about the joy of Splosion Man – your about to get hooked. It’s a really cool platform game that you can download from the Xbox 360 arcade. It’s best played in multi-player mode and you simply work  through each level, ‘sploding’,  killing evil scientists, solving puzzles, overcoming traps and hunting for cake –what else!

I was delighted to hear this week that the creators of Splosion Man, Twisted Pixel, are launching the sequel – Ms Sploshion Man. It takes place after the capture of Splosion Man and you work through the levels to save him.

Can’t wait for this to be launched later next year – if you have an Xbox 360 it’s more than worth downloading the game.

Splode again!