Ugly Betty is one of those American dramas, that’s well… one of those cheesy American dramas. It has you glued to the screen for hours on end.

It’s like all addictive things to come out of the USA, Ben and Jerry, Coke and Hamburgers. Ugly Betty is easy to watch, cheesy storyline, hot models, celeb guests and the sexy Eric Mabius makes it all valuable viewing, I can’t believe it’s over :-(.

Having just watched the final episode I was left inspired and like Betty ready to make a new plan. I drew up a list of 2011 musts and here they are:

  • 2011 is about- being a yes woman
  • 2011 is about- saving so that I have enough in the bank to have some money for a rainy day
  • 2011 is about- making the list of things and having the time to tick them off
  • 2011 is about – making time to do more cooking
  • 2011 is about- smiling

Betty always put her mind to a task and completed it – not always in the most conventional fashion but always with style, and with that I’m off out to celebrate the end of 2010 and welcome in 2011.

Thanks Betty. x