I have started to read Vogue Online most nights firstly to find out whats hot and whats not and secondly to see if there is any content for my blog. This week I entered a  Vogue competition to meet Tracy Anderson at Sweaty Betty’s in Chelsea to do a cardio work out, and to my surprise I won!

I was very much in need of a work out after a Christmas sat on the sofa or lay in bed watching tv and eating soo much chocolate and cake – Tracy was definitely the woman to kick-start my fitness regime.

On Friday I turned  up at Sweaty Betty’s with about 30 other women all who had won competitions or been invited to train with Tracy. I was a little apprehensive having not seen any of Tracy’s stuff before and I was worried how difficult the training session was going to be.

After over an hour of cardio, ‘boy oh boy’ was I a ‘Sweaty Betty’, I had  literally worked my ass off . Tracy had promised an instant bum lift and I could totally believe if you kept to her method you would see the difference.

I liked how her cardio worked out focused on your core and incorporated dance and was even a bit of booty shaking. “We are all girls after all” she said.  Her new work-out video The Tracy Anderson Method is out now and I can’t wait to keep practising the moves we learnt. I’m ready to get the ultimate arms and ass!

After the work out I felt ready to start my new fitness regime of 2011. I stumbled back to the district line – where I met an old American couple who were on holiday. As I  sat down next to them , with all my bags and freebies. They turned to look at me with a very concerned expression and said, ” excuse me Miss, are you ok? Is that you mattress for sleeping out tonight? ” To which I replied in a stunned manner, ” No, no that’s my Yoga mat, I’ve just been at the gym!”

It must have been a good work out for me to look that rough, I considered it a compliment!

P.S Thanks for the freebies x