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Winter is here and it has been for a while, summer is very much a distant memory.  My fingers and toes are longing to be thawed out and my skin is longing for the warm sunshine to get its natural glow back.

However, it will be a few more months of dark mornings and chilly evening before we are drinking pinot grigio on the roof terrace and eating ice cream at lunch. So enough with all the gloomy winter stuff, with a week off work at the end of February I am ready to cheat the British winter and go somewhere warm. My first thought is for Thailand – I would love to go trekking on an elephant or to the Maldives to go snorkelling in the Indian Ocean. However the reality is more like a day trip to the Lake District and a visit to the tanning shop back home. A girl can dream though.

So to wish away the winter blues here are a few pictures to keep us smiling and as Victor Hugo the French poet and play-write once said, “Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart”.  I like that alot.