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Squashed up against the cold wet glass I often wonder; if I was holding an Amazon Kindle and reading Pride and Prejudice that I might forget for a few moments that I was on the 7.45 to Waterloo, but  in 19th Century England. Where I would be eating scones with jam, whilst drinking tea from a China cup and admiring the view  of a beautiful garden. However the harsh reality of the situation might be too much for me to handle!

Increasingly I have noticed a number of my fellow passengers brandishing a Kindle as their weapon of choice to fight the chaos and escape the reality of the daily commute.

I am quite torn with the simple dilemma – do I buy a Kindle or do I wait for the new generation iPad.  Nevertheless, at £111 for the Kindle it is worth the money,but do I want to do more than read a few books and magazines? The answer is of course yes,  so maybe I will just have to keep saving for an iPad as they don’t come cheap at £450. The Metro can keep me company for a few more months !