I was in love with ET from the moment the grey creature stepped onto the big screen – all his wrinkles and his neck like a hover when you clean the stairs.  I think he started my early love of Sci-Fi films. I do also own Lego Star Wars, but I’m no die hard Sci-Fi geek, I can’t quote lines from Star Wars or out, sorry! I just love a good space ship!

PAUL is a new movie that brings together comedy, geek, Sci-Fi and action to the cinema screen. It features Nick Frost and Simon Pegg as two British comic geeks traveling the US who encounter an alien named Paul outside Area 51.

Paul has the attitude of the extra terrestrial guys from Men In Black and has been on earth for 60 years hanging out at Area 51. Doing a few things like; advising the government, smoking a few drugs, drinking alot of cofee, eating a fair few bagels and picking up a few neat dance moves along the way.

Must see movie x