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Tomorrow night on BBC One the Andrew Marr show will broadcast an interview with President Barack Obama.It’s been a while since the BBC have had such privileges and I am very intrigued to watch. Although I’m sure that its not going to be as exciting as David Frost and Nixon, but you never know!

Andrew Marr will undoubtedly ask some very deep and interesting political questions that  took months and months to prepare. His researchers will have been working on getting them approved before he even stepped foot on American soil. However, if I were to meet the President my questions would be simple.

1. What makes you get up in the morning?

2. Do you have breakfast meetings or lunch meetings?!

3. Whats your favorite newspaper?

But I’m not interviewing the President and Andrew Marr is, my opinion tune in tomorrow at 9pm it’s gonna be a goody. Although I would say that, I’m a geek!

Picture from BBC News -Andrew Marr Show- 9pm BBC One