“Does anyone know, and I mean does anyone really know what the future holds for us? The answer, however scary, quite frankly is no, but does that matter?”

The best thing about being 23, single and living in London is that you really don’t need to know what the future holds. I mean, life is just happening. Like the number 19 bus. It’s always going to be at your stop at 8.30, the questions is, is your oyster topped up? And are you hopping on?

We all make life choices and they all have an effect on our future, but you can’t foresee them, and quite frankly, it would be boring it you could. It goes back to the number 19 bus, do you want to get on? Or would you prefer to wait for the 170?

Make your choice, live life now and don’t try to second guess or live two steps ahead. Tomorrow is a new day and it’s not going to wait for you…

“Now swipe  your Oyster, I’m getting cold.”

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