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When I read that  Jean Paul Gaultier had used Amy Winehouse as the inspiration for his new collection I thought, bold move.

Amy had a great fashion sense, daring attitude and an ability to create amazing music. But what was this collection about? Was it s a celebration of Amy, fashion, or is it really just an excuse to create media attention around his show in Paris?

The models were so Amy Winehouse, tumbling beehives, flicked-up eyeliner and wedges. But, the fashion was so Jean Paul Gaultier, beautiful trench coats, amazing signature corsets and in wonderful pinks and golds.

Image from Vogue.co.uk

I feel for the family, I agree that it’s not nice to see Amy doubles on a catwalk so close to the singer’s death. However, the collection used Amy in a positive way, it pays tribute to the singer and unfortunately for the family, you can’t trade mark a famous person.

Not the best PR for Jean Paul Gaultier this week, I’m sure you will agree high fashion aims to shock, oh and this did.