Being the eldest sibling, well it’s interesting. You always have the earliest curfew, pressure to set the example for the younger ones and your parents use you just like their baby toe, dipping you in to test the water, checking it’s not too hot for the others.

To every negative is a positive and I especially love being the eldest of three girls. I love being the boss, organising is my thing – much to my sisters delight!

The girls are growing up and although I love it, I have the constant fear my baby sister 10 years younger will either;

A. get married before me or

B. refuse to go clubbing with me because I’m too old

Obviously A is the more superior to B in this statement! Often I feel the pressure to be the strong one, take the lead but to be honest the girls are doing just fine. Maybe I don’t need to be soo bossy, actually who am I kidding I love it!