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Cancer is my star sign; it is also the word that I heard five months ago when my mum was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

Instantly I was thinking ahead, probably about three steps ahead, do I move home, get out of London and back to Ramsbottom? Will the girls cope? Will mum deal with this? I entered a new state – ‘upside down’.  Life became different, as I’m sure people in a similar situation will agree. The small things disappeared and the big things became small.

Cancer is a weird disease and it effects not only with the person with the disease but also everyone else that’s involved – it’s a nasty little bugger. Over 46,000 women get breast cancer in the UK each year and it is the most common cancer in the UK. That’s a lot of women dealing with chemo, radiotherapy, surgery, hair loss and the rest. It’s just insane.

The nasty bugger is nasty but if there is a positive that I take from this situation and I am determined to. It’s that, even when it’s rainy, as it has been in London for the last few days, that you should live life to the full, laugh when you want to and cry if you need to.

My mum is beautiful, she is 43 years old and the strongest woman I know and as she nears the end of her chemotherapy there is still a fair way to go but she remains as calm and strong as ever.

I don’t have the answers on how to deal with the nasty bugger; all I know is, keep swimming, run a marathon, https://www.justgiving.com/Gemma-Morris0 . Oh and a power tune or two is always good!