Now I don’t want to ‘dis’ my home town or indeed the regions north of zone 2 but I might just do that with this post. I apologise upfront, sorry.

I have been living a hop, skip and a jump from the Kings Road for a number of months now. In these months, I have now become a fat free shopper. I spend a few hours browsing the stores on the Kings Road hoping some woman (obviously me in 10 years) with far too much money, good fashion sense, a kind heart, has given her once worn Chanel dress to Oxfam or The British Red Cross.Only for me, (10 years younger) to come along and snap it up, well it was my dress anyway!

Guilt free, fat free, skinny with soya milk shopping is so tasty I’m hooked. I can’t get enough of it. It’s only in the centre of London that you have people so rich that they are willing to give away their Chanel, like it’s a t-shirt from GAP. Sorry, I am yet to walk into an Oxfam ‘up north’ and find a Chanel dress. Then again, I am from Lancashire, it’s more likely that I find a pair of Hi-Tech waterproof trousers.

It’s not only me that is hooked on guilt free, fat free, skinny with soya milk shopping. Only a couple of days ago M&S joined forces with Oxfam and actress Joanna Lumley to launch Shwopping, a clothes shopping and swapping scheme. From now on, all its stores will accept unwanted clothing of any brand, all year round. People can bring in old clothes to donate, when buying new items, thus reducing landfill. To launch M&S took over Brick Lane, they covered a section of the road, buildings, park furniture in 5 minutes worth of clothes that go to landfill. This was a great photo opportunity for the press but it also really hits home to the consumer that we don’t need to throw away all these clothes. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure.

Yet again another great CSR initiative from M&S. I agree with the CE Marc Bolland more people should be encouraged to swap, charity shop and get involved. Old clothes only clog up the wardrobe and new clothes from charity shops are from places you dream of shopping in. Next time I go into M&S looking for something in the Limited range I am taking in my unwanted clothes. Oh, and it’s most likely to be that pair of Hi-Tech waterproof trousers, I am northern after all!