Twenty-four, is a nice looking number, it’s even and just below the half way to fifty mark. I like it.

The number has a commanding presence. I’m not sure if my mind has been swayed by the TV show 24 or the fact that there are 24 hours in a day, either way I feel under time pressure to make twenty-four ‘the year of action’! So to celebrate in true style I have made a list. Let’s see how many I tick off,  326 days and counting…..

1.Blogging – Make it look as professional as the girls who feature in Stylist! Yes I want to feature in Stylist… one day!

2.Market Stall – Start my own weekend market stall – selling vintage clothes and cupcakes

3.Tourist – Visit the British Library other London tourist places

4.Fashion – Keep being creative with fashion and visiting charity shops

5.Running – Run every week as it’s the only way to burn off the calories from all those M&S treats I like so much

Only time will tell…. but I sure intend to enjoy it!

* Photos from Liberty London Girl, We love it, Carter Smith, Getty and James Warwick