I have an obsession with TED, not the drunk bear created by Seth MacFarlane but the nonprofit devoted to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Although, I do admit the bear is pretty cute!

Currently TEDGlobal conference has kicked off in Edinburgh, June 10-14 and if you have time I recommend checking out the latest updates on Twitter and on the website.

Last night however, I was scrolling though some of the TED talks when I stumbled across a talk from Meg Jay, ‘Why 30 is not the new 20’. This talk made me really evaluate what my 20’s are really about and how to make them count.

Watch Meg below –

So, what did I learn?

It’s about not having an extended spring break for 10 years during your 20’s, instead it’s about exploring your weak ties, exploration (not procrastination) and enjoying the most transformative — and defining — period of adult life.

So, as I get closer to 30 I will remember that 30 is not the new 20 and I will strive to be defined by who I am now and what I did. Thanks Meg!