Over my lifetime my thoughts on marriage have changed a fair bit. 

As girls we grow up dreaming of a big white dress, Prince Charming, dancing tea-pots and a happy ever after. It was the stuff young girls in the 90’s ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was what Disney and our parents wanted us to believe in and we ate it up like strawberry ice cream on a summer’s day. 

The reality that they carefully sheltered us from was a far cry from the movie screen and as we reached adulthood left us with a sour taste in our mouth.

But last week, when I attended my friend’s wedding my views again on marriage changed and the familiar taste of strawberry ice cream came flooding back. It was beautiful to watch.

What did I learn…

One, weddings are beautiful and playing Stevie Wonder (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) to walk out of the church to, was a touch of genius.

Two, being at the singles table is entertaining – just next time the panna cotta needs to go in my mouth – not on my chin!

Three, there is nothing better than seeing someone you love get married.

Signed, sealed, over and out….