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Today is Fathers Day and I thought it was only fitting to write a short post on the old man. He is after all, the most important man in my life.

My favourite nostalgic memories/ things I love about him:

1.He showed me that hard work and determination can only lead to success. Giving up is never an option

2.That he took me to the polling station and let me tick the box – if only to influence my voting decisions from an early age

3.When all I wanted was to be on the boys football team he took me to Turf Moor and taught me the offside rule until the crowd got a bit unruly and not ‘young lady friendly’

4.I love that he takes the most amazing pictures. Many an evening I used to sneak into his study to stare at the deer in Richmond Park

5.When I was about seven he taught me the difference between a Ferrari and Maserati – so that I can always impress the boys (although I’m not sure that was his intention!)

6.When he worried about me and the boys back home, he always used the quote ‘if you can’t be good me safe’

7.That he spoon fed me good tunes from day one – Black Sabbath and The Rolling Stones

8.He sparked my love of all things tech and influenced my geeky ways

For all the above and all the other lessons you are still yet to teach me, thank you Dad. Happy Fathers Day.