Google It – New Headquarters Dublin


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ImageThe new Headquarters of Google EU in Dublin – too cool for school. 



Can I Be Princess Jasmine ?


Over my lifetime my thoughts on marriage have changed a fair bit. 

As girls we grow up dreaming of a big white dress, Prince Charming, dancing tea-pots and a happy ever after. It was the stuff young girls in the 90’s ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was what Disney and our parents wanted us to believe in and we ate it up like strawberry ice cream on a summer’s day. 

The reality that they carefully sheltered us from was a far cry from the movie screen and as we reached adulthood left us with a sour taste in our mouth.

But last week, when I attended my friend’s wedding my views again on marriage changed and the familiar taste of strawberry ice cream came flooding back. It was beautiful to watch.

What did I learn…

One, weddings are beautiful and playing Stevie Wonder (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) to walk out of the church to, was a touch of genius.

Two, being at the singles table is entertaining – just next time the panna cotta needs to go in my mouth – not on my chin!

Three, there is nothing better than seeing someone you love get married.

Signed, sealed, over and out….



Talking before of obsession I am addicted to Instagram.

I Instagram anything, from cute dogs on the way to work, to what I am having for dinner! Any picture is worthy of an upload.

I am not alone in my love for the photo sharing platform and the site has over 100 million active users as of April 2012.

Kellogg’s in Sweeden took advantage of the platforms reach and used Instagram to promote the new cereal Special K.

Special K store in Stockholm offered free boxes of new cereal to anyone who took  an Instagram picture and tagged it with “#nyaspecialk” (which translates to “New Special K”). Customers simply snapped a photo, tagged it and posted it, then show the cashier their image to receive the free cereal!

Sounds good to me!

If only every picture snapped on Instagram allowed you to get the item for free! I could set up a dogs home or even open a bar! Girl can dream!

special k

20 something, read on?


I have an obsession with TED, not the drunk bear created by Seth MacFarlane but the nonprofit devoted to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Although, I do admit the bear is pretty cute!

Currently TEDGlobal conference has kicked off in Edinburgh, June 10-14 and if you have time I recommend checking out the latest updates on Twitter and on the website.

Last night however, I was scrolling though some of the TED talks when I stumbled across a talk from Meg Jay, ‘Why 30 is not the new 20’. This talk made me really evaluate what my 20’s are really about and how to make them count.

Watch Meg below –

So, what did I learn?

It’s about not having an extended spring break for 10 years during your 20’s, instead it’s about exploring your weak ties, exploration (not procrastination) and enjoying the most transformative — and defining — period of adult life.

So, as I get closer to 30 I will remember that 30 is not the new 20 and I will strive to be defined by who I am now and what I did. Thanks Meg!

Be Seen


The Roof Top Cinema. Hangout in Shoreditch where the boys dress in skinny jeans and the girls dress like Cara Delevinge. Sit under the London night sky whilst watching movie classics, what could be better!


Visit some free art and dream about what you could do with a few spare hours and some neon lights.


Go to the Udderbelly festival on the SouthBank. Laugh out loud, feel good and watch British comedy.


Summer Is Here

Today as I walked around Battersea in my maxi dress I realized that summer is certainly here. My hair was burning and the threat of sunstroke was imminent. I could almost smell the sweat and lager of August Bank Holiday weekend!

To celebrate the sunshine we kicked off the morning with Oasis, Champagne Supernova and ended it with Aretha and RESPECT! Perfect.

After a pause on the blog, that was certainly too long, I am back and determined to make more of an effort.

2013 is the year that dreams come true, I’m just hoping that the sun keeps his hat on and that the lager remains chilled!

Welcome to England sunshine, pull up a chair! x


Red Bull Gives You


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Wings and so much more!

And last week it did just that for Felix Baumgartner, who rocketed 24 miles into space before sky diving back to earth; setting three world records and achieving mass global coverage for Red Bull in the process.

Red Bull is a brand that stays true to its persona – rebellious, adventurous and extreme – and keeps that at the heart of everything it does. In doing so, the company creates campaigns and storylines that capture the imagination and inspire its audience.

It is also not a brand that focuses solely on product. Sure, drinks sales are what makes Red Bull’s world go round but it has also created something else that it can ‘sell’ to consumers: a brand personality with which they immediately identify. Red Bull gives you wings.

Wings, in the sense that it gives you the ability to take part in the extreme; be that through a high investment global stunt, the sponsorship of a Formula One team or a charity race in your local town.

Living this ethos spans all aspects of the Red Bull business. Their dare devil attitude and thirst to create their own content has lead them to be a pioneer and helped them to build a reputation for the ‘extreme’ amongst consumers all over the world.

Eight million people tuned into watch Felix Baumgartner jump from space on Sunday and it was broadcast live across more than 40 networks in 50 countries on TV and online. During and after the jump, half the worldwide trending topics on Twitter related to the Austrian’s historic jump and there were just over three million tweets globally. That’s some scale

And with this, Red Bull once again showed the way to many other brands, highlighting that you don’t have to talk about the product to get people to buy it. Rather, if you can tell impactful stories that drive conversation about your brand and build an emotional connection with your audience, sales will follow.

Only Red Bull will know just how well Felix’s jump worked for their bottom line – but what is undoubtedly true is that, once again, their level of brand engagement was sky high.

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